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How to prepare for your wedding floral consultation

Updated: Dec 5, 2022


We know how overwhelming planning a wedding can be, and creating your floral plan should be fun, so here's some insight to help you prepare for your consultation.

#1 Laying The Foundation

The first thing we do is go through the basics, the foundation of your wedding. We know things change, and we are always prepared for that, so we just need a rough draft of what your plans are at the time of your consultation.

"What will you ask me?"

  • how many guests need corsages, boutonnières etc?

  • whats your estimated guest count?

  • do you have a color scheme?

  • did you have any photo references?

get your numbers together!

#2 The Overall Aesthetic

Whats the overall vibe you're looking for?

Make a Pinterest board or mood board

Pinterest and instagram are great tools for exploring your options and figuring out your wedding style, and you might find inspiration that is close but isn't totally you, but we can help you find your unique style with a little inspiration and a lot of expertise and experience. Basically, don't ignore that photo you found just because its not the right color palette!

keep in mind these pieces when looking at inspiration

  • bouquet shape/style/color

  • boutonnière

  • bridesmaids bouquets

  • ceremony / church accents

  • venue entrance / tent entrance / welcome table / bar accents / sign accents

  • centerpieces, table-scapes

  • sweetheart table

  • do you want to include a specific flower?

If you are using a wedding venue, its a good idea to ask if they have any guidelines or restrictions for decor. for example..

  • open flames - can you have them? do you need candle chimneys?

  • can you hang things from the ceiling?

  • will the venue staff move items for you?

- this is a common thing we ask when you are looking to repurpose pieces. if your venue wont move them, we will need to stay until the reception starts and charge an extra fee for time.

if you're getting married outside, whats your rain plan?

We know this is a stressful thing to have to consider, but its always better to be safe when it comes to planning an outdoor ceremony. Rain will not ruin your day, but not having a rain plan might. Talk to your venue about what your options are so we can have a backup ready.

#3 Changes are ok

Nothing in your consult is final

Just because you like something now doesn't mean you'll feel the same a year from now, and thats ok! Trends are constantly changing, and weddings are planned so far in advance we expect your taste to change from the time of your consult to your big day. You can make changes to your floral plan until about 6 weeks before your wedding day.

#4 Bring it ALL to the table

Tell us everything on your wish list! Also, just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it cant be done, we'll help you fine tune your vision and the mechanics behind it.

In your first consultation, we like to price out your dream wedding, with everything you want to include, this will give you the most accurate estimate and allow us to help you fine tune. Once you see your initial proposal, you'll have a better idea of the cost and we can begin fine tuning, Whether it be adding, changing, removing or figuring out ways to repurpose pieces so you can get the most out of your flowers.

Statement Pieces

After 23 years of weddings, we've done a lot that may have not been shared on social media, from large installations to unique designs. Not only do we learn new things from every event we do, our team learns from other florists and continues to do workshops to learn new skills from other widely known designers, not only to learn skills but to keep us inspired.

if you're looking to make flowers an integral part of your wedding we have an arsenal of tools and mechanics that allow us to create elaborate pieces such as floral chandeliers, large installations, ceiling installs, unique ceremony backdrops etc.

Tip #5 - Budget

If you have a budget to stick to, let us know! It's a way for us to know what we are working with without giving you sticker shock.

Costs to consider...

  • delivery, setup and labor

it takes a village to make weddings happen! Sourcing, making recipes, and ordering is just the start. Our team starts prepping flowers and hard goods up to two weeks before, and we aren't done until the wedding is over! There's a lot of hard work that goes into floristry, in reality the cost isn't just for the product, you are hiring a team of talented experts determined to make your day as beautiful and easy as possible.


PRO TIP: If you're planning on hiring a florist, avoid buying basic items such as glass cylinders, clear votives, or candles before discussing it with them. 99% of event florists have an arsenal of glass, candles, vases, props, arches, bud vases etc. that we've purchased and collected over the years. You will save SO much money when you get these items through us. You will end up spending almost twice as much by purchasing these on your own for retail price, and they can be hard to sell once you are done with them. Your venue may also provide votives, arch options, and items such as lanterns/card boxes etc. for a fee. This is something to consider when choosing your venue.

For example, The Hamilton Manor offers plenty of add-ons and options for ceremony and reception.


If you are using rentals (vessels, arches etc), venues require us to come back and pick them up as soon as the wedding is over. We charge a pickup fee for this, and is determined by distance and volume of your rentals, which basically means if we need 3 people and its a 2 hour drive, the fee is higher.

  • If you are using rentals (vessels, arches etc), venues require us to come back and pick them up as soon as the wedding is over. We charge a pickup fee for this, and is determined by distance and volume of your rentals, which basically means if we need 3 people and its a 2 hour drive, the fee is higher.

  • You can avoid this charge if you dont use any rentals or glassware, or you can appoint someone to collect and return these items to us, typically this is only an option if youre using something easy to transport, like urns.

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, so the best advice we can give is to have fun with it, don't be afraid to ask for help, and trust your vendors, we're here for you!

(and we've seen it all!)

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