Bloomers Design Team


Deborah Personette is the Owner and Leas Designer of Bloomers and has been designing her whole life. She started out as a clothing and textile designer for the first 16 years of her career. When she had her daughter, she wanted to stay closer to home and enjoy her daughters childhood. She began going to floral school and purchased Bloomers, an existing florist, in 1999 and made it her own.


It was an easy transition, using her knowledge of color, balance and design. She now uses her experience to help brides create their perfect wedding day, representing their style and personality. 

Jane is a Lead Designer and has been with us for almost a decade. She is an incredibly talented florist and is a staple at our shop. She started her career in floral design after high school where she was involved in the FFA program. She is heavily involved in every wedding, from planning to execution. Jane is at the shop full time and plays a major role in our daily operations, from communicating with our wholesalers and fulfilling daily deliveries and helping us all keep our heads on straight.

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Madison Personette grew up in the flower shop. Before learning how to design she had a career in makeup and worked in the fashion industry for almost a decade while living in New York. She came back to her hometown in 2019 and began working at the shop she grew up in. Ever since she has grown to love the floral industry and brings a fresh perspective to the shop.